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I Pro Say 
                                     a conflict de-escalation service. 

I Pro Say organization is named as a fake ‘pro se’ (propria persona), a Latin phrase which means ‘for one's self’ used as self-representation in the court of law.


I Pro Say means people should speak for themselves outside the court of law. When I Pro Say intermediates a conflict, without legal implications, each party involved is I Pro Say.


Mission  Statement 

To provide intermediary, de-escalating services by responding on-site to callers experiencing non-violent, non-life-threatening conflicts, mental or behavioral conflict situations. Our services are an alternative to legal actions while preserving the individual’s constitutional and civil rights. 

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Our Values

Pocket Watch in Hand

Conflicts naturally occur between and among people.  If people in conflict need an intermediary, we can  help.


Trust in our capability & intention to maintain safety.  Believe in our integrity to de-escalate through verbal communication.

Friendly Handshake

We aim to empower people with skills & knowledge to handle conflicts. People shall maintain their dignity & individuality. 


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