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Conflict de-escalation resolution are complicated processes. Just as therapy is a self-selected process, individual, couple, and group conflict de-escalation are processes best achieved when self-selected. I Pro Say can be contacted to assist in such processes. 

Who Are You Going to Call? 


The 911 emergency system is being overused for non-emergency calls.         

There is no need to over work the police force when minor conflicts can

be resolved through separate resources.

If you do not feel that Police Force, Emergency Medical Services nor Fire Department services are necessary, consider additional Government and private services here:

Colorado recently launched a 988 dial out number for suicide & crisis lifeline hotline:



I Pro Say prevents siding. One person is not sided against another during conflict de-escalation. 

People are demanding a change in police policies and     protocols when handling non-life threatening situations.   If one person tells lies to manipulate, the police are siding putting the other side in legal entanglements. 

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