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Board of Directors  

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Lauren Mattingly
Executive Director 
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Paige Searer
Board Treasurer 
Board Secretary 
Our Story

I Pro Say was founded with a realization that having a mental, behavioral or interpersonal conflict is not a crime. 

It is the help or lack thereof that perpetuates the situation to (de)escalate. If someone is experiencing a mental or behavioral health issue, and in conflict, their emotional brain may be over taking their cognitive brain. Irrational behavior may confuse the situation. That is why it is critical to have a trained Responder / Communicator who can intermediate. Using communication to mitigate and lessen the frustration in this type of situation, thoughts and beliefs of incarceration are unfounded. A disagreement or interpersonal conflict should not lead to incarceration. 

Volunteer Spotlight 
Sarah Zaepfel 
Grant Writing
                      Legal Team 
Training Team 
Research Team
Community Outreach / Marketing Team

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JaQuitta Dennis - HR Generalist

  Angelica Perez - Legal 
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Holly Blades - Mental Health 
   JaQuitta Dennis - Human Resources
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