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Culturally Creative Service - Remote Conflict Resolution 

Developing an on-site de-escalation response service requires modern day changes in systematic thoughts and capabilities. Until I Pro Say is able to assist with on-site help, a process for de-escalation and conflict resolution service is offered remotely.


Complete the Conflict Resolution Request Form at the bottom of this page.

                 Remote Conflict De-Escalation Services: 

        Intrapersonal Conflict                                  Neighbor / Community Conflict
        Interpersonal Conflict                                  Friend, Family, (Ex)Partner Conflict                                                           





 De-Escalation Training

De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime: Unplug the Power Struggle with Principle-Based De-escalation.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Opportunity

We welcome help changing and developing communities where people have access to de-escalate conflicts without legal implications. Join our on-going projects. 


Conflict Resolution Request Form

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