Affordable Service 

Developing an on-site de-escalation service requires modern changes in systematic thoughts, capabilities, and buying into self-perpetuated help. Community feedback empowers I Pro Say to grow based on needs and outlooks.
Calls for service include but not limited to:
Community Disturbance, Neighbor Issue 
Noise Violation, Trespass
Interpersonal Conflict, Family Quarrel 
Abnormal Behavior Causing Conflict 
We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 volunteer organization. We charge an affordable fee to respond on-site & help temporarily resolve the conflict. An immediate recommendation for temporary solution is offered as well as An I Pro Say (IPS) follow-up resource list for on-going help. List provided upon request. Complete the request form at the bottom of this page. 
Volunteer Opportunities 

I Pro Say welcomes Volunteers to contribute 3+ hours per week. A myriad of skills and interests contribute to I Pro Say's Mission. 

Responder/Communicator Internship Program

Three month Internship Program designed to train in behavioral health, mental health, conflict intermediation, legal matters and de-escalation. Practical real world experience on-site helping callers. 

Resources Request Form